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Digital Asset Attestation White Paper

Digital Asset Custody Solutions

Bitcoin is a beacon of decentralisation in the financial world, symbolising the harmonious blend of individual empowerment and sensible regulation. As the first decentralised currency, Bitcoin introduced a new era of personal financial freedom and prompted a significant shift in regulatory frameworks. This shift steered towards fostering innovation, balancing the need for regulatory oversight with the preservation of individual liberties. As the trailblazer of digital finance, Bitcoin has illuminated a path to a future where financial autonomy and sensible regulation coexist, ensuring a landscape where the power of finance is democratically distributed among the people.
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Who is DACS?

Digital Asset Custody Solutions Pty Ltd (DACS)

DACS was founded in 2018, to provide a range of services that allow small and large organisations to access, manage and protect their Digital Assets. DACS is headquartered in Australia.

Our Services

Digital Attestation Reporting

DACS offers a Digital Asset Attestation Service for cryptocurrencies, akin to physical asset verification. This service confirms control and access of digital assets without disclosing blockchain details, vital in DeFi environments lacking central authorities. Using cryptographic methods, DACS ensures transaction integrity on the blockchain, aiding in fraud prevention, transparency, and regulatory compliance, thus bolstering trust in digital transactions.

Bespoke Custody Solutions

DACS provides tailored digital asset custody solutions, offering secure management and attestation of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets. Through personalised consultations, we develop robust security protocols and integrate them with clients' existing systems, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. Our service includes ongoing attestation, custom reporting, and dedicated support, all underpinned by a scalable infrastructure designed to adapt to evolving client needs. This approach ensures secure, transparent, and compliant management of digital assets tailored to each client's unique requirements.

Strategic Trade Facilitation Service (STFS)

DACS offers specialised services for Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSFs) and institutions, ensuring compliance with regulations and Anti-Money Laundering/Counter-Terrorism Financing (AML/CTF) provisions. Utilising proprietary systems, DACS provides strategic solutions for the buying and selling of digital assets. These systems are designed to optimise transaction processes while adhering to legal and regulatory requirements, thereby facilitating a secure, efficient, and compliant approach to digital asset management for SMSFs and institutional clients.

Education & Advisory

DACS offers an Education and Advisory Service dedicated to the digital asset sector. This program offers an extensive curriculum covering everything from basic cryptocurrency knowledge to advanced digital asset management techniques, complemented by tailored advisory services for personalised strategy development. Emphasising regulatory compliance and up-to-date industry insights, the service includes a rich resource hub for continuous learning and community engagement. Clients benefit from ongoing support and a network-building platform, connecting them with experts and peers in the field. This service is designed to empower clients with the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to navigate the dynamic world of digital assets confidently and successfully.

It is important to note that ​we are not financial advisors, and are not in any way providing investment advice. Our services are for sophisticated investors managing their own wealth. However, we would be happy to work with your advisor or fund manager.

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